Final Review Spring 2019 Install 02.jpg

Working outside from direct observation, I paint fragments of natural environments that are impacted by humans, shifts in daylight, changing seasons, and inclement weather. I create oil and gouache paintings on found materials and complexly shaped surfaces constructed from plant debris and clay. 

Lured out of my studio by changing elements, I find myself racing against receding tides, shadows creeping across the horizon, and flurries of snow, to record what I perceive. The cold bites at my hands, rain prevents oil from sticking to the surface, and wind leaves traces of the day in the paint itself. Each location imbues my paintings with the sensory and emotional experience of standing in snow storms, melting on muggy summer days, and clambering along the coast to work. I bring these fragments of the environment back into my studio as specimens that extend the moments encapsulated in each painting.


These interactions that I have with the landscape are intermixed with the interactions I have in the landscape. And it is through this practice of painting in inclement weather and placing myself in locations where the environment is most at risk, I find myself grappling with the vulnerability of nature, of my paintings, and of myself.